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Week 85


Sunday 26th

Strange, I thought that I was away for 2 weeks holiday and I’ve only had one week of sleeping in Scott’s bed.  I should have stayed another week, but there has been so much snow that mum’s planes were cancelled.

Slept all day after my morning walk, well it has been a hectic week.


Mum has given me a new furry blanket for Christmas and it is just so lovely and snugly that I did not want to get up this morning.


Monday 27th

It is so cold today, the snow is still deep and the pond is frozen. It is an ideal time to check out those parts of the pond that you cannot normally reach, so I did a little pond walking. The water is very shallow and only comes up to my knees when I fall in, which is something that I do quite regularly, but today I walked on water and I did not fall in because the water was hard.

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours with Ed, just us boys together curled up on the settee having a well deserved nap.


Photo garden


Tues 28th

This afternoon I looked out in the garden and I could hardly believe it, the snow was almost gone. No more running around making snowballs on my legs, or piles of snow on my nose.


Wednesday 29

Today it really has warmed up and the pond has gone soft again. I looked out this afternoon, in fact I walked out on to the patio, looked around the garden and walked back in. I have really enjoyed the snow, it is just so much fun, it is such a pity it has gone.

Went to lunch with Gill. A bit disappointing today, as I like to stand on her balcony and bark at what ever is on the canal, but the door outside was firmly shut. You can usually rely on a barge or two, often with a dog sleeping on the top, and when all else fails there are the cyclists on the towpath and the ducks.


Week 86 Thursday 30th December

My bed was put into the utility room today and there is much furniture moving going on. The tables in the dining room, yes we have two in there today, were laid for nine people so something interesting is happening.

Then Helen and Ed arrived and then Gill and then Jennie, Paul, Danielle and Scott. There were more Christmas parcels and today I had a stocking full of goodies, all of which smell or taste of chocolate. I have had a few new toys and mum says she is fed up with clearing up the stuffing every day. The thing is, that to get to the squeaker one has to remove the majority of the stuffing. If the toy makers put the squeaker in a separate compartment to the stuffing then there would not be so much mess.


There were some great smells in the kitchen today. If there is a choice for lunch, and I have heard everyone else being asked, ‘would you like beef or chicken?’ Well, should someone ask me, I would like some of each please. Just a little of each to try, because that is what I heard the boys saying and I am happy to do what they do.


Today was a great day, but I was a bit tired tonight.


In my newly knitted jumper, feel so snug and warm in this.


Friday 31st December 2010

The last day of this year and I slept through most of it. I was left on my own tonight and so I took myself off to bed early. I heard the fireworks, but they do not worry me at all, and then mum came home, so after a comfort break in the garden I went back to bed.


Saturday 1st January 2011

 To everyone we met on our walk this morning we said ‘Happy New Year’. So I thought about last year and all the things I had learned and places I saw, and wondered what mum and I will do this year in 2011.

 Last year we did lots of caravanning and I loved it. All the new places, the fresh smells and long walks, the people we met, the seaside and running in and out of the water, the boat trips we had, it was all absolutely wonderful.

I have learned quite a few words and I understand quite a lot of what mum tells me and I get really excited when she says we are going to see someone I know. I also understand when she gives me a command, but I do not always do it straight away.

My New Year resolution should be to do as I am told as soon as I am told to do something. I wonder how long it will last?


Mum says I need a hair cut, I think I look trendy.



Sunday 2nd January

I spent most of the day with Helen and Ed today as mum went to a birthday party. I got a new toy which is a fox. It is flat, so it has no stuffing, but it has a squeaker in both ends. It is great and Ed throws it round the house for me and we got into a bit of bother doing it today.


Monday 3rd January

I had a very nice email from Tetley today and some great photos. Tetley is my sister and she is nearly a year old.


Pictures of Tetley, can you see the family resemblance. Aren't we all photogenic.


Wednesday 5th January


I have been a bit off my food the last few days and mum has been really worried about me. This morning she went shopping and returned with my favourite food, liver. I had a bowl of raw chopped liver and ate every last piece. Then the rest was cooked and most of it frozen for another day. There was also ham and sausages. Dinners in January look good.






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