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Week 41


Sunday 21st February

A normal morning and then mum took me round to Helen and Ed’s and said goodbye. Am I being abandoned?

Ed was very pleased to see me and me him, we played a lot but Helen seems a little preoccupied not like her normal self, need to get to the bottom of this, I need all the attention that I can get, especially now that I have been abandoned by my mum.

It seems that I am staying the night, Ed has gone to bed and Helen has put my bed in the kitchen and I have everything that I need, food, water, comfy bed and toys but no mum, so I howled.

Helen came to see what was wrong and told me to go to sleep and closed the door again, so I howled again.

Eventually she left a small light on for me and at 2.30am I finally went quiet, 10 minutes later the battery on the smoke alarm went off, so I howled again. This was fun, Ed had to get out of bed this time to take the battery out, Helen was really fed up, we all went back to bed but I was still unhappy so I decided I wanted to see Helen again and howled.

Ed has to get up for work at 4.30am no-one told me this at the start of the evening so at 3am Helen gave up the idea of trying to get some sleep and I was allowed to stay up and have cuddles on the settee.


Monday 22nd February

Really tired today, but again Helen is being strange, every time I curl up to sleep she nudges me, apparently if I wont let her sleep she wont let me sleep, did I ever once say that she couldn't sleep, not at all. This went on all day and I am Dog tired. Ed came home from work and he looks tired, he had a talk to me and asked me if I would sleep tonight, tonight I thought I want to sleep now.

Finally Ed went to bed and Helen put me in the kitchen, I thought about howling but I was so tired that I just fell asleep.


Tuesday 23rd February

Helen is really busy she has clothes everywhere and keeps talking on the phone, I think something is going on, Mum behaved just like this before she said goodbye to me. I can't be losing them both can I.


Wednesday 24th February

I am so tired, Helen and Ed keep different hours to mum and me, Helen goes to bed at around 2am, Ed gets up at 4.30am that just gives me 2 and half hours of proper sleep, although Ed has been leaving the bedroom door open when he goes to work so I get up and sleep in his warm spot on the bed, Helen goes mad when she wakes up to find me staring at her. But when Ed comes home from work we have a quick cat nap together.


Friday 25th February

There are bags everywhere, Helen has been busy today, all her clothes are packed, but I have noticed that so are mine, so we must be going together, Jennie came for a cup of tea today, always nice to see her, but as she was leaving she picked up my bags and put them into her car, Helen then got down to my level and said goodbye to me, not again I can't handle this, twice in one week. she then strapped me into Jennies car and off I went.

Arrived at Jennie's to be told that I would staying with them while Mum and Helen went on different cruises, apparently they are very lucky, Ed couldn't look after me as he had to work. Jennie is so excited to have me to stay, maybe this wont be as bad as I first thought.

I hadn’t been there long before 3 other people arrived home………….great loads of playmates. Jennie took me for my first tour of the village. Wow loads of new smells, new four legged friends to meet & interesting places to explore. We were out for a long time.  I was very tired when I got home but with all these new playmates I couldn’t disappoint by not being the centre of attention. I couldn’t find my bed at bedtime. I searched the kitchen, front room, hall & landing but where was my bed? Then one of my favourite playmates, Scott, called me into his room……….& there was my bed on the floor next to his bed……………… What a treat.

I can’t remember everything that happened during my stay with Jennie & family. I know that Jennie took me out for 2 long walks a day & they had a very big bag of toys for me to destroy………I mean to play with!  I also know that once Scott was asleep at night I used to creep up onto his bed & sleep with him.  After a week of that though he told his mum that he couldn’t sleep as I kept jumping all over him all night! I don’t know what he meant……….that doesn’t sound like me does it?  So Jennie gave me my very own bedroom………..luxury!

Scott has his own four legged friend that lives with him.  I was introduced to her, Holly. A strange looking furry thing that made purring noises when Scott was with her but she didn’t much care for me trying to curl up next to her.  She never ran away from me so I didn’t scare her, although I am much bigger than her.  She did do a lot of hissing & spitting when I was around……..I think she must have had a cold or something! That didn’t stop me from trying to make friends with her.

Jennie also has some strange looking creatures in her back garden.  I still haven’t worked them out.  They live in a cage & are quite big. Jennie collected eggs from their house every morning.  She never gave me any though! While she fed them I was fascinated by them. I wasn’t allowed in their cage with Jennie but I really wanted to play with them.  I don’t think they wanted to play with me although I kept trying. I even tried talking to them but all they did was cluck back at me…….strange noise……..I couldn’t understand what they were trying to say. I think Jennie said they were called Hetty, Heidi & Helga and that they were chickens.

Danielle played with me in the lounge most evenings. She was great so I gave her lots of cuddles.  She spent a lot of time upstairs in her bedroom with the door closed doing college work.  Sometime though she forgot to close her door so I just had to go in & give her lots of kisses & cuddles!

Scott took me out for a couple of runs but I couldn’t do all the sniffing that I like to do as he wouldn’t stop unless I wanted to relieve myself.  So I kept pretending I needed to do that!

I like where Jennie lives.  It’s almost in the country. I hope that I can stay again. I can’t remember how long I stayed but I knew I was moving home again when I found my bags all packed up & Jennie led me to the car.  She kept saying ‘you will come back soon won’t you Drum?’ Course I will…….well fed, well walked and well looked after………..who could ask for more.  After a nice drive though the countryside we arrived outside Helen and Ed’s house. Of course I insisted that Jennie came in for a cup of tea before heading off home.

Helen and Ed were so pleased to see me.  Oh you are all just so lucky to have me ! :-)


Friday 12th March


Back with Helen and Ed and I'm trying my hardest to catch up on my sleep,









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