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June week 55 - 59


Not much to report this month. I have answered a few emails, one in particular I remember because it was from two young ladies who were saving up for a dog like me. What a great thing to do. How much fun will they have when they finally get their pup and they will of course know exactly how to look after him if they read my ramblings.


Helen had a birthday party and there was a great deal of barbecued food. Ed cooked it and I helped him eat it. We had home made kebabs, chicken, burgers and sausages, but you couldn’t eat the kebab sticks which was a shame because the sticks smelled great. All the family came, and lots of friends, including my friend Gucci and we played in the garden until really late.




I heard Klaudiusz and his rock group on the radio. He came to see us a couple of times, and he and mum talked about the BBC and publicising the group. They are called ‘Without Reason’ and Klaud is the drummer. Now, I am a Drummer, so I think perhaps I must have something in common with Klaud, but I cannot think what it is. He likes to stay up all night writing songs and then sleep all day, he also likes eating pizza and fruit, neither of which I can stand, so I’ll have to think about why I was called Drummer if that is what drummers are meant to do.


I had a couple of days with Helen when mum went off to Parmoor House. Last time she went to Parmoor, I went too, but this time she said she was going to be very busy and I could not go. The first night at dinner she sat next to the Crown Prince of Albania. The next day 130 people came for lunch, imagine all that food and I was not invited. This was to launch Neil’s book that mum has been reading over and over again in the last few months. I think she must know it off by heart now.


The picture is Prince Leka unveiling a plaque to commemorate his grandfather King Zog and his grandmother Queen Geraldine living at Parmoor in World War II.

I saw the plaque the other week before it was put on the wall and it has the royal coat of arms on it.



Could I have a coat of arms on the outside of my house? Perhaps it could be a pair of crossed bones. Should they be propped up on a drum? Could I have a motto underneath? What about ‘May my bowl always be full’, or, ‘Let every walk be long and interesting’. I’ll put my mind to work on the design and then perhaps I could have it embroidered on my coats.


I should perhaps just mention that since I turned 1year, I am allowed to sleep upstairs on the landing. In fact I have 2 beds to choose from, but I always choose the upstairs one at night so that I can guard mum. She has left her bedroom door open a few times but she says I wake her up far too early when she does that, so normally I have to bark outside the door until she gets up and lets me in.






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