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Thursday 15th October

 22 weeks old today and it rained this morning. I hate the rain and I would like to ask who ever is responsible for this horrible stuff if they could stop it raining when I want to be out for a walk. The rug helps, but I still get my head and feet wet and I just hate it. Last nightís moussaka again for breakfast which was really yummy helped to make up for a miserable walk.

I measure about sixteen and a half inches from the floor to the top of my back when I am standing up, but it is difficult to be exact as I try to help by grabbing the tape measure. I think that the measurement is unimportant, what matters is what you can see and reach when standing on tip toes. I can jump from bunk to bunk and get to what is on the worktops now, and so virtually nothing is beyond my reach and that is what is important to me. Mum and Gill use the word Ďnoí far too often these days when we are in the caravan.

I can also jump out of the back of our 4X4 now, and I can almost jump into it.

Nice walk this afternoon from our farm down to the river. We passed a field with five horses in and they came to the fence to talk to us. To start with I hid behind mum but then I became really brave and studied them closely. They are just so big but they have kind eyes and long tails, longer even than mine.


Friday 16th October

A heavy dew this morning when we went out for my early morning comfort break about 7.00am. As usual I came running into the caravan and jumped up on mumís bunk to make sure I got the best spot first and I put muddy paw-prints all over the duvet and the sheet. As I hate wet feet I jumped around until my paws were dry, so itís clean bedding tonight!

We spent a couple of hours in Broadway this morning and then we had a great walk to Broadway Tower. The views from here are just fabulous; you can see 13 counties on a good day. There were red deer near the Tower. Just look at those antlers.


I wondered if I could grow a couple of these would they be useful, or, would they get in the way when you want to poke your nose into something and the hole is not very big. Would you get your head stuck and how would you explain it to mum when she caught you.

I am particularly thinking of this afternoon when we returned to the caravan. I could smell something interesting on one of the car tyres and it was quite difficult to get my head in between the tyre and the wheel arch. I did manage to do it, but it wasnít easy.

I was a bit naughty tonight after dinner and I got told off for biting everyone. Mum was really serious so I sat and thought about it for some time and then licked everyone better.


Saturday 17th October

We walked into Evesham this morning, went right round the town, listened to the Abbey bells being rung, in fact we could see the bellringers through the tower window and then we walked down to the river. The sun was out, the trees were golden and the ducks were quacking. Then a mucky grey coloured cygnet started to spit at me. What a nerve, I bet he is no older than I am and not half as good looking. He swam off down the river which mum said was just as well as he is stronger than me and could have hurt me. I made a mental note to eat more spinach.


I had a long nap on my bunk this afternoon. Itís really mumís bunk but often I get there first, so then itís mine as I stretch right out and I can almost touch both ends now so there is no room for her.

Stretched out

When I woke up I found mum sitting on her own, outside in the sunshine reading her book. I decided that she needed protection and so I became her personal bodyguard. I barked at the gardener raking the leaves, I barked at the customers coming to buy their apples and the cars coming up the drive. I even barked at the farmer. It was definitely worthwhile because they all went away and mum was safe and it was all down to my guarding skills. At one point I was eating some biscuit and trying to bark at the same time, when I choked. Mum said there was a lesson to learn here; you should never speak when your mouth is full.


We stopped to speak to the farmerís wife on our walk this afternoon. She was working in the huge barn which is the farm shop where they sell all the apples and pears and potatoes. They also sell eggs which I do like, and flowers which are quite nice to put your nose into, but I find they make me sneeze, and I donít think they are good to eat having tried a few, so what exactly are they for?

Mrs Morris breeds fox terriers and they live in a run just round the corner from the barn. When I get the chance I pop my head round the corner so they can see me. They jump up and down as if they have springs in all four legs and bark like mad, and then I walk away. Mrs Morris said to mum that she would put me in the kennel for the day if mum wanted to go out to lunch, but thank goodness I have been taken out each day and not left behind with the terriers. They may not appreciate the fact that I have laughed at them stuck behind the gate.


Sunday 18th October

Pack and go home today, such a shame as I really enjoy caravanning, itís so much better than being at home.

Everywhere we go we get stopped by people asking about my family breeding. I know mumís answer off by heart now. If they are really interested she says Ďhave a look at Annetteís Labradoodle website and youíll find Drummer on thereí. Twice this week people have said they would like to take me home and I have held my breath until I heard mum say they would have to buy their own puppy.

Phew, what a relief, I think that Iím alright where I am thank you very much. The foodís OK, plenty of it and fairly varied. Caravanning means spending 24/7 with mum, with new smells and walks every time we go away and lots of people and other dogs. Perhaps I should make more of an effort to behave just in case she is tempted to accept one of these offers.


When Gill went home to Peterborough I had a bit of a grizzle because I will miss her, but mum said we are going to stay with her in a few days time, so thatís alright.


Monday 19th October

Helen came round today and I thought that I was going to be on my own for a while, but no, Brian from number 2 came to the rescue and I went to help him in his garden for a couple of hours. We had a great time planting his winter pansies and watering them in. I got so wet he put me under the hairdryer which I love. Mum fetched me at lunch time and Brian said it had been a pleasure to have me, so hopefully Iíll get to go there again.


Tuesday 20th October

I spent the morning with Helen at her house. Mum left me some food but Helen gave me ham for lunch which was much better. Then Jennie arrived and we all went to my house. The two girls and mum never stopped talking, mainly about food for Christmas. It all sounded great, but when is Christmas? I hope itís not too long to wait.


Wednesday 21st October

Mum was rushing around like a mad thing this morning and then this afternoon we packed the car and drove to Gillís house at Peterborough. I sat on the front seat and enjoyed the trip.





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