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Week 74


Friday October 8th


It was a packing day today. This time we are both going on holiday but not apparently together. Mum is going away with Helen on a cruise to the Panama Canal and I am going to stay with Jennie, Paul and Scott.

This afternoon off we went to Barton le Clay. I was pleased to see a whole cool bag of sausages and cooked meats being packed with plenty of treats. I am not sure why she always insists on taking boring biscuits because I rarely eat them. Well, there seems to be enough supplies for a couple of weeks so I am just going to enjoy myself.

Hopefully I will get to sleep with Scott again on this holiday like I did the last time I stayed here. At home I have to sleep on my bed on the landing and bark every morning to be let into mum’s room. Sleeping curled up with someone in a bed is so much better, so much more friendly, you can give them a kiss when you wake up in the middle of the night and there’s plenty of room to stretch out when you want to change position. I really must convince mum of the benefits of me sharing her bed.

Well I arrived at Jennie’s.  I remember being here before but I still had to have a good look around.  I like the garden with its strange animals.  I’d forgotten about Hettie, Heidi & Helga, the chickens!  I pretended at first not to remember them but then I quite enjoyed spooking them! They make this really strange noise and jump around.  If I do a really good job they run & hide in their house. It’s so funny!  Jennie took me on a walk around the village – lots of lovely things to sniff.  The boy that lives here, Scott, has a girlfriend now, Lydia. I like Lydia she made a good fuss of me.  I slept in the front room in my bed & was a very good boy.


Saturday 9th Oct
Well there was a lot of activity today. Lots of people coming & going. The girl that used to live here came for a visit, Danielle I think they called her.  I remember her from before. She used to lie on the floor & play with me.  So I was very pleased to see her.  Lots of lovely smells from the kitchen too today, a lot of cooking going on. I liked that as I got a few titbits………..yummy. Scott took me to the park this afternoon.  We did lots of running & playing it was great. I met a few canine friends too.  More people arrived this evening, Beth, Danielle’s friend & Sally & Paul.  They really liked me & made a big fuss of me which was wonderful. I watched Danielle doing something to Beth & when she’d finished Beth had burgundy hair – everyone said how good she looked.  Loads more of those lovely smells were coming from the kitchen.  I was allowed to stay in the dining room with them all while they ate & I didn’t beg!!  I was such a good boy that Scott let me go to bed with him tonight.  I’d better be good or he will kick me out!


Sunday 10th Oct
Well someone was up early this morning & I could hear the sound of cars coming from the living room.  When Scott got up I understood why. They were watching the Grand Prix……………boring!!  Jennie then did something to Danielle & her hair changed colour. Then all the big people & me went for a really long walk to Barton Hills.  It was fabulous.  There was a stream for me to walk in a drink from.  Then we climbed a huge hill & walked across the top.  We came across some animals ………….I didn’t like them very much ……………Jennie said they were horses but she could see I didn’t like them so we hurried past.   We met a couple of runners.  I wanted to follow them but they were going the other way. The sun was shining when we got home so the people sat in the garden drinking coffee & I kept them entertained by running around with my toys, tossing them in the air & chasing them.  I don’t know why they were surprised that I still had loads of energy.  I tried to get Hettie, Heidi & Helga to join in but they didn’t want to. Danielle, Sally & Paul left after lunch………….got in the car & drove off.  Sally wanted to take me home with her but Jennie wouldn’t let them! I spent the afternoon sleeping.  We went for a much shorter walk this evening but that was fine I didn’t need a long one.  I must have been good last night as Scott took me to bed with him again tonight.


Monday 11th Oct
Paul was up & out of the house very early today.  I didn’t see him but I knew it was him as he wasn’t here when the rest of us got up.  Jennie & I went out for an early walk & when we got back Scott was wearing his school uniform.  Oh no I thought they’re all going out & leaving me.  And they did!  Jennie was the last to leave & told me to be a good boy while she was gone.  Well I spent the day sleeping & barking at the workmen next door.  Scott was the first one home & took me in the garden for a long play.  Then when Jennie got home she took me out for a good walk around the village & I met a few more canine friends.


Tuesday 12th Oct
I decided to wake everyone up at stupid o’clock this morning barking! I don’t really know what I was barking at but I thought it was a good idea.  Scott took absolutely no notice of me at all but Jennie got up to see me so I might try that again when I’m bored!  Jennie took me for a 2 hour walk this morning. She said that she didn’t have to work today so we could do a big one.  We went up to Barton Springs & I loved the water.  I didn’t meet any canine friends this morning but I did enjoy my walk. I spent most of the day in the garden barking at the workmen next door & chewing sticks.  The sun has been shining & it has been a lovely afternoon. Jennie cleaned out the chickens & I ran off with the bag of straw & cr>>>>>>p.  It was a great game trying to dodge Jennie so that I could keep the bag  & shred it all over the garden spreading chicken pooh & straw everywhere..............what fun! I wouldn't even give it up for a biscuit!!!!!!!!


Wednesday 13th October

I was in the dog house this morning. I did a wee in Scott’s bedroom. I don’t know why I just did. Jennie wasn’t very happy with me.  Scott said he won’t let me sleep with him anymore…………I’M SORRY. I decided I’d better be a very good boy today & maybe then Scott would let me sleep with him again. He did………….I’m so lucky.


Thursday 14th October

I got caught eating the cat food today! Holly never eats it all so I thought I’d help her out a bit. Actually it’s nicer than my biscuits I think I might keep this one up. Jennie said she wondered why I didn’t eat all my own biscuits.  This afternoon they caught Holly eating my food so she’s not going hungry! Two good walks again today.


Friday 15th October

Jennie home again all day today so we went on another long walk up to Barton Hills.  I love it up there but we kept away from the horses this time.  We spent the rest of the day in a nice warm house, in front of the fire.


Saturday 16th October

Paul took me out for a quick spin this morning as Scott had to go to work & Jennie had to take him.  It was nice walking with Paul he took me on a very different tour of the village.  Lots of lovely new smells. Then they all went out & left me for a while but when they got home Jennie & Paul took me on a very long walk up the Hills again.  It was great. I sort of now my way around now which is good.  They don’t let me off my lead though, as I’m not very good at coming back. Not even for a biscuit! Spent another evening in front of the fire.  Scott went out this afternoon & didn’t come home at bedtime & I wasn’t allowed to sleep on his bed so I had my own bed in the front room again tonight.  Not as good as sleeping with Scott.


Sunday 17th October

Well Jennie & Paul are obviously enjoying this walking lark as we went off on another long one this morning. Apparently we walked up to & around Sharpenhoe Clappers.  It was great as they let me off the lead today.  Mind you I couldn’t really dart off anywhere so they must have thought it was safe for me.  We met 3 King Charles Spaniels.  They weren’t very friendly & neither were their owners.  Jennie collected loads of things off the floor…………don’t know what for.  We were out for hours & it was a beautiful sunny morning. We saw a deer! I like it here. I spent the afternoon in the garden with Paul as he was doing something for the chicken run but I enjoy it in the garden.  Every now & then when they are not looking I spooked the chickens…………..it’s very funny…………well I think it is I’m not sure that the chicken do though.


Monday 18th October

Not a lot doing day. We did the usual walks around the village & everyone went to work. A very uneventful day after such a busy weekend.  Oh I did find Scott’s shin pads today & rip them to shreds! Well I enjoyed doing it but I don’t think Scott was very impressed.


Tuesday 19th October

Another boring day today. Scott took me for another run this evening. Not sure I like this running lark …….too much like hard work & I can’t sniff everything.


Thursday 21st October

Everyone was out really early today.  Jennie & I had a very early walk before she went out. It was a very frosty morning. My paws got very cold. I met the two collies properly this morning. I usually see them from the other side of the road but we said a proper hello today.  Scott was the last one out of the house today & he didn’t put the cat out which he should have! Jennie wasn’t out for long this morning then she spent the rest of the day at home with me. She did some hovering…………I don’t like their hoover much but she insisted on following me around the house with it! Eventually I went & curled up on mine & Scott’s bed with Holly. She & I are great mates now & curl up next to each other all the time. She doesn’t like me sniffing her bum much though…….must be a cat thing! I do like to chase her though when she runs off.


Friday 22nd October

Jennie & I had a lovely walk around the village this morning. I made another new friend, Alfie.  He’s much bigger than me & is 2 years old & very playful. We had fun.  I’ve mad so many new friends here.  Jennie was home today. She cleaned the chickens out again but she didn’t let me near the bag of sawdust today.  I can’t imagine why I had such fun with it last week. Scott took me out for a run this evening.  It’s a bit difficult to run & sniff at everything but I gave it a good try. They had a lovely fire again this evening. Of course I took up the prime location…………..right in front of it.


Saturday 23rd October

Well what have I done today? Jennie let me out for my early morning wee & Holly was under the caravan. I decided that if she wouldn’t come out & play with me then I would have to crawl underneath to say good morning. Trouble was that by the time I got under there she was out, in the house & on mine & Scott’s bed….the cheek of it! Wasn’t as cold outside today so spent a lot of time in the garden wrecking the plant pots………….great game made a lovely mess with all the soil. Paul let the chickens have a run around in the garden today & I watched & barked from the lounge window.  I just wanted to go out & play with them but I wasn’t allowed L


Sunday 24th October

Another beautiful sunny morning today so Jennie, Paul & I went on another really long walk.  We started off gently across the fields. We saw loads of pheasants.  They let me off my lead here it was wonderful. We then walked up a really steep hill to the Clappers again. We met loads of people & other dogs & went absolutely mental running around all over the place……………great.  I think we were out for a good couple of hours. When we got back Paul & I went for a nice long sleep together. Paul then got up to watch the Grand Prix. Scott went out this afternoon without me L How dare he.


Tuesday 26th October

All my belongings were being packed up again, I was on the move, Jennie and Scott and I all got in the car and off we went, some time later I started getting excited, I knew where I was, I was home.

Mum was there waiting for me, it was so good to see her, I sensed that she had missed me, I can understand that.






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