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Week 81


Monday 29th November

This afternoon Ed took me out for a walk. Going along the redway I could see mum’s car outside our house. So off I went to our house, and yes, mum was there and just as pleased to see me, as I was to see her.


Tuesday 30th November

Wow what a surprise this morning, snow everywhere. Just enough snow to get your nose underneath, and when you pull your nose out there is a pile on top. It clings to my fur and makes little balls on my legs. I am making my own snowballs just by running around in it. It was a great walk this morning and then I spent some time in the garden, in fact I kept asking to go out in the garden today because it was so good to play out there.


Can you spot the snowballs on my legs in the last picture.


Week 82

Thursday 2nd December


Mum was off to Dunstable again today doing her medieval thing and I had some time with Helen. We had a fairly quiet weekend, nothing exciting happened.

We did speak to Troy’s mum this week. Troy is the Siberian husky and his family thought they would try to find another husky so that Troy has a friend. They looked on the internet and found a puppy that they thought would suit them. Fortunately they did not send any money as it was a fraud.

On Monday I went to Bryan’s house and Steve came over and we had great games. After he went home, I listened to Bryan playing the piano which I really enjoy.

Tuesday and Wednesday, mum was off meeting people and doing something for her medieval project. I had a bit of time on my own, well, it felt like a really long time and I got a bit fed up. Mum had left a plastic union jack upstairs and it had a really chewy stick attached to it.

One day she left a Christmas present for someone on the stairs. Is it so important that it is not in a box anymore? I think they will be just as pleased with it, I would be, not that I wear make up you understand. Such a fuss! 


Week 83

Thursday 9th December

On Saturday Gill came to lunch and on Sunday Klaudiusz came for dinner. I always like to see people and give them lots of kisses. Sometimes when they stay to eat with us I get something special in my bowl and on Sunday I got some steak and chips.

It has been a busy week this week, everything has been washed and ironed, all my coats and beds and things. Gill popped round a second time with two new coats, a grey and pink one, and a blue one. I tried them on and they fit, so I kept the blue one on as it is quite cold.


Week 84 Thursday 16th December

My birth mother Bagel and my dad have had some more puppies and some of them look just like I did when I was really little. I have had some emails from some of my new brothers and a sister. Just look how cute and adorable they are.

Benji was just 12 days old when this picture was taken in November but he is going to his new home this week.

Worzel moved today to his new family home and found that he had a ready made friend in Bungie the cat.


Dotty is my new sister, now isn’t she pretty and she has also moved to her new home this week.


We will look forward to seeing how they get on.


Friday 17th December all my things, food, treats, toys, coats, pyjamas and bed were all loaded into the car, so I jumped in quickly when the back door was opened and took up my normal position on the back seat. I had my safety belt fastened and off we went. We stopped and picked Helen up then I had my nails manicured at the shop, and then we drove to Jennie’s. I am staying here for a holiday.

Well I have arrived at my holiday destination in Bedfordshire.  Went & found my buddy, Holly the cat.  She didn’t look too pleased to see me but by 7:00pm we were best mates again sharing food & sniffs.  She even enjoyed brushing herself around my legs…………great fun.  We all spent most of the evening sitting in front of the fire………….lovely. Spent my first night here with Scottie in his bed ………..heaven.


Saturday 18th December 2010

Paul was up & out of the house very early this morning.  He left his bedroom door open so I couldn’t resist leaping in on Jennie fast asleep in bed.  Having made my presence felt I then decided I could do with a cuddle & a bit more of a sleep so I curled up next to her for another hour………….bliss.  Once we were up Jennie decided we would go for a lovely long walk up to Barton Springs.  It was really quiet.  I met a golden Labrador but he wasn’t very friendly.  I had a paddle in the river a few times but it was very cold.  On the way home it started to snow.   Jennie is worried that Danielle won’t get home from Scarborough tomorrow because of the snow!  I did hear her say that my two mum’s weren’t able to get away on their holiday today! …………..Well I’m not going home ………I’m on my hols now!


Sunday 19th December 2010

A very stressful day today from what I am hearing.  Danielle should be coming home today but because of the snow they seem to think she might not make it. Paul did say about taking me out for another long walk today but Jennie wasn’t keen.  She has spent most of the day on the computer.  I have had walks but not really long ones that I like.   Danielle finally got home at about 8:00pm. Jennie & Paul had been out for hours so I think they must have gone a long way to pick her up.  Well she was very pleased to see me when she got home!  Jennie & Danielle sat up for hours talking but Paul went to bed & took me with him…………….great!


Wednesday 22nd December 2010

Paul took me out for a walk this morning as Jennie said she was late for work.  She only went out for an hour or so then she was home …..Something about traffic being bad.  Had a great day, everyone was home today.  Jennie & Paul took me up to Barton Springs again………….fantastic!


Christmas Eve, Friday 24th December 2010

Well my day started early today. Danielle & her friends arrived home at about 4:00am this morning.  I was very pleased to see them.  Beth however wasn’t very well.  So I took advantage & drank her water while she was sick ……. Danielle & Camilla thought it was very funny!  Jennie & Paul took me on a long walk up to Barton Springs this morning.  It’s very snowy still up there!  I found some horse pooh to eat!  I don’t know why but they didn’t think it was very clever of me but I thought it was funny them trying to get the pooh out of my mouth!  I dropped it then went back for more.  Jennie even tried burying the pooh so that I couldn’t find it but I have a great sense of smell so I found it again!!  Soooo funny! When we got back Jennie cleaned out the chickens………….I had fun barking at them & running up & down the outside of their run. They don’t take much notice of me really.  Holly has been a naughty girl today she wee’d in both Scott’s bedroom & Jennie’s sewing room so she was kicked out for the day! She wasn’t happy & kept meowing outside the back door ……I felt really sorry for her.  Nice fire tonight. I took my usual pride of place right in front of it! Paul’s mum arrived very late this evening with a playmate for me…………Snoopy.  It was very late so Jennie said we could get to know each other tomorrow.  So Snoop slept with his mum & I slept with Scott – again!


Christmas Day 25th December 2010

A very exciting day today.  Jennie said that all her favourite people were going to be here today.  I wasn’t too sure what she meant. Paul took me & Snoop out for a lovely walk this morning as Jennie was busy preparing the turkey for dinner.  We went to the park & spent ages playing with each other.  It was great fun! When we got back we all had breakfast then Snoop & I went out into the garden again to play………….fantastic! Suddenly I could hear a familiar voice…………it was my mum!! 

So I came bounding into the house to say hello.  What a surprise. Now I know what Jennie was talking about.  Spent the day in & out of the house & in the garden playing with Snoop.  I like him…………actually I like him a lot we got ‘very friendly’ but I don’t think that Snoops mum was very happy about it. 

Well all my favourite people were here all day. Really pleased to see them – extra presents!   

We all had pressies & loads of food. Then I was very pleased to hear that I was going home with my mum.  I have enjoyed my days here on my holidays but we all like to go home at some point.













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