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May 2010

We came back home on the boat on 4th May. I am of course a seasoned sailor now and was happy watching the seagulls chasing us across the Solent and up Southampton Water.

Today is my birthday, Friday 14th May and on Sunday I am having a birthday party. Mum and Helen have been shopping every day this week I think and the smells in the kitchen are just fantastic. Today I was allowed a taste of things to come. Liver was gently poached in the slow cooker, so I had several hours of anticipation until finally I got to try this delectation. It was chopped up and set into a great beef jelly. Now if only we could have this several times a week life would be great.

Saturday 15th May  -  we are moving furniture and getting things organised for the big day tomorrow.

Sunday 16th May -  just before lunch people started to arrive and then food appeared. My friend Bert the Bassett arrived with his dad and then Jazz with his mum and dad. I was given a new toy and Jazz ran off with it, so Bert and I chased him and we went round and round the house and in and out to the garden. We got faster and faster, we had to lean round the corners and someone said it was just like watching Formula 1.


– Formula 1 race

Loads more people, friends and family, and several dogs arrived. My friends gave me  new toys and some birthday cards. Some had pictures of dogs on and one from Peter had a drawing of a buffalo which was a bit frightening. I also got some packs of chews and some pigs ears.

Because I was the birthday boy I had a badge to wear on my collar. Jazz wanted it, but I told him it was mine.

– No, you can’t have my badge

– sharing pigs ears


It was a great afternoon, but extremely hard work. By the time everyone left I was just so tired and I had eaten just a bit too much. I would like to point out that I was not the only one to overeat. That Bert, well, I have never seen a dog eat so much and Jazz who is normally a bit picky, ate everything. His dad said that they would feed him a different diet from now onwards. My friend Gucci the poodle doesn’t think he is a dog so he doesn’t count. Gucci and the dogs that live with him are experts at agility. Their mum says that I would be good at this too, but my mum is not too sure about all this running round fields.


The next 2 days kind of passed me by. I slept quite a lot.


I had a couple of emails this week from my family. Here are some up to date pictures of my sister Kyla and my brother Hector, they both emailed me to wish me a happy birthday, I of course sent them birthday wishes, it’s great to share the same birthday that way you don’t forget.




 The first 4 photos are of my sister Kyla, isn't she pretty and she likes ice cream like I do. the last 2 are of Hector, you can see the family resemblance, I have to say we are a good looking family.

Friday 21st May – Today we went on a journey to Parmoor House, near Henley on Thames. We met Neil and Kirsty, and Teasel her brown Labrador, and we sat in the garden. There was a lot of chat about King Zog, apparently he used to live here during the war, and then we went to a pub for lunch.


After that we drove to Hughenden and walked through the grounds. It was a really hot afternoon and Teasel went in the river to cool off. I thought I would join her and by the weir there were 9 of us all having a paddle. I am the one in the middle of course.


– paddling at Hughenden


Sunday 30th May – This morning we went on a walk with Mandy and Misty. They came to call for us and off we went along the canal. I kept looking at the water and mum said ‘no’ several times, but when she wasn’t looking I thought I would just have a paddle. I found myself in a difficult situation – my feet didn’t touch the bottom and I had to learn to swim fast. I paddled to the edge and couldn’t get out. Thank goodness mum grabbed my harness and popped me on the towpath.


To say thank you I shook myself all over her several times. She was not too impressed with my behaviour, especially because she got muddy trousers when she had to kneel on the towpath to reach me.  So it was back on the lead. We stopped at Gill’s flat for a coffee, and then came home for a long nap.





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