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Choosing Drummer

I was born on 14th May 2009. My dad is a proper Poodle with a pedigree and my mum is half Basset and half Beagle making her a Bagel. So I guess that makes me a Bageldoodle.

My birthplace was north Bedfordshire in a rather nice village on the river Ouse. There were nine of us in the family, so it was a bit of a scrum at feeding time, but we all did alright and started to grow. I am a mix of colours and Iím told, extremely cute. Some of my brothers and sisters are pure apricot like dad, but none of them look like mum.

This is the earliest photo of some of the family that I have, when we were just a few days old.

I still have that blanket and it smells of the family and I like to sleep on it.

This is me at eight days old, still with my eyes shut, but looking adorable. This is the day that my new prospective mum came to see us and picked me.

The kitchen in the background is where I spent my first few weeks in that big cage with my birth mother, but it was Annette who was in charge of all of us.


I suppose you would like to see all of the family.

This is as many of us who could squeeze in the picture at 25 days old. This is the day my new family all came to see me.





Helen is the one with the allergies, you name it she has got it. Canít touch this, canít eat that, what a problem she is. Now, my new mum to be has always had Labradors, but Helen has a problem when she goes near them, and she is to look after me for holidays and days out. So today was a really important day for me, because Helen cuddled me to see if I gave her a reaction. Fortunately the only reaction she got was to fall in love with me, so my future was assured. This is Helenís husband Ed, who is great and plays rough games with me now.





My new mum to be came to visit us several times in my first few weeks. She seemed OK to me, and she was very happy with the way I was developing. This is the whole family at six weeks old.


The weather was extremely hot and so we moved into a stable to give us more air and space.

At six weeks old I was having a good time running around in the stable, still feeding from mum, and sleeping in a heap with my brothers and sisters.



This is Annette holding me so my new mum could take this picture for the family album.

I have four white paws, one looks as if I have a knee length white sock. I also have a white chin and chest and a small patch of white near my nose. The dark streaks on my forehead give me wonderful eyebrows and I like to think an intelligent look. I have apricot eyelashes and my tail has a small spot of white on the end, just as if I have dipped it in the paint pot.

I can see quite a lot now but only things that are fairly close, but I have good hearing and a keen interest in my world.






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