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Week 24

Thursday 29th October 2009

I had a destructive terrorist type day today. Mum said she was completely worn to a frazzle.

 It was a really nice sunny day and we did a bit of gardening and mum cut the grass. When she was doing jobs indoors I had a bit of a whoops, in fact twice today I sort of lost my balance and fell in the pond up to my tummy. The water is black and so were my legs; the duckweed is green and it sticks to your beard, tummy, legs, in fact everywhere.

I was shut out in the garden for a while but I made such a noise that eventually I won, and was allowed into the kitchen.

I will let the pictures tell the story.

these stones are a bit rocky

I look a bit bedraggled here

finger wagging time


Friday 30th October

Today is Ďscrub the kitchen floor dayí after my antics yesterday so I am no fixed abode as everything is thrown out. The duckweed sticks to the floor like glue so it is a long job.

Then mum went out without me so I howled. I helped her unload the shopping when she got back and went to visit Brenda and Colin at number 6 who were also unloading shopping. I got chocolate biscuits for helping.

Mum says that she does not believe that I have grown any taller this week, but I am rounding out now.

This evening I had a mad barking session when I had finished reading and shredding the paper. Mum was perplexed, because I have done this before and she thinks that I just like the sound of my own voice.


Saturday 31st October

What a terrible morning walk, rain, rain and rain. I set off reluctantly and having done what I needed to do stood still. Apparently we needed to go at least around the block, although why we had to do this was beyond my comprehension. When we stopped to talk to Duke and Linda I sat on mumís foot as I had no intention of getting my bottom wet. We got back home and had a drying off session followed by breakfast.

Then I sneaked upstairs and found a pile of washing on the floor which mum obviously needed downstairs, so I made a start on that.

Time for an email at coffee time, I sent out a nice portrait Ė this is it -

to a few friends and a reminder that I would like to hear from them. The next time I looked there was a reply from Bryony who is currently teaching English in Inner Mongolia. She said that it is very cold and snowing where she is and that I will probably like the snow when it arrives here, and like me she has a new coat to wear.

The last time she wrote she was having a bug problem in the flat she had moved into. I wondered if I could help her with that as I am quite good at catching bugs in the garden. Mum has been to China and she didnít think Bryonyís problem bugs would be quite the same as the ones in our garden.






This is Bryony with me when I was little.

Helen and Ed and Danielle came to see me this afternoon. I had lots of good games with Ed. When it got dark we moved our game indoors. We were playing Ďfetchí and I was running from room to room and then Ed threw the toy and it just missed Helen. I do not know why she made such a fuss, after all she was standing in a doorway which we were using. Women!

Cage door left open tonight so I have the run of the kitchen.


Sunday 1st November

Oh boy, yesterday was a good day compared to today. When mum opened the back door early this morning I have never seen rain and wind like it. Eventually she lifted me outside and I did go as far as the lawn.

When we went to go out for our walk and she opened the front door it was raining out there as well. I refused to go. I was put out and the door was firmly shut behind me. I refused to move from the drive. Mum said she was not out there for her benefit and we had to walk. Well, we certainly were not out there for mine, so why were we out there at all? I was dragged down the drive and on to the red-way. I wasted no time doing what I needed to do and half way round the block we took a short cut and headed home. When I recognised where I was I started to walk faster, in my Ďdog on a missioní mode and then when we reached our Close I ran to the house and up the drive.  Thatís it, hibernation for me.


We are turning out what was mumís office upstairs and making it into a twin guest room. It looks worse now than when we started, perhaps not helped by the new floor covering that I created in two bedrooms and the landing of shredded padding from a coat hanger, poly bags, laptop bag strap, etc, etc.


Edís visit was a welcome break, firstly we had a game on the front garden and secondly he gave me a new teddy bear which is lovely.


Monday 2nd November

A man came this morning to measure for new flooring. Something to do with dogs and carpets not mixing, so we are having a hard floor put in the dining room which looks a bit like wood in a muddy brown colour.

Lovely sunny day today so spent lots of time in the garden, in fact I had time to dig a reasonably large hole in the lawn which was going rather well until mum came downstairs and spotted me. I had already shredded a plastic flower pot or two and then decided on the hole. I picked a spot just at the top of the steps which mum said was ideal for someone to trip on.

 I was only out there because she had got fed up with me helping her move things around upstairs.


Tuesday 3rd November

We scraped home from our walk just before it started to rain today. Two hours later when I was due to go up the garden it was still tipping it down. Mum said it was raining cats and dogs, but I didnít see any, and I refused to go out. An hour later it was still pouring and the patio was under water, I was a bit desperate by this time so mum put my coat on and I braved the rain.

We are still moving furniture up and downstairs. I try to help by hanging on to mumís trouser leg when she is carrying things down the stairs because I donít want her to fall.


Wednesday 4th November

This is my friend Amber,   she is lovely and sometimes we meet her on our morning walk. The problem is we get a bit tangled up as it is near the road and we are both on leads. I look for her every morning and she looks for me but we donít always get to this spot at the same time.

Got in a bit of bother today. Would you believe that we are still moving books and bookcases and eventually I got a bit bored. I had a go at reading, but they were beyond me so I tore a few pages out and that was when the trouble started. So I amused myself in the garden and then ran in to tell mum all my news. I was just a bit muddy and all the doors were open, so I ran right round the house and jumped on the settee and chairs. I didnít know that mum had such a loud voice and she did go on a bit. What is an urban terrorist?





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