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What a week

Thursday October 1st 2009

Today I received an email and some photos from my sister Kyla,

ďHi Drummer long time no see. My how your legs have grown! I think my mummies thought that I would be a little bigger, but they donít mind, they still love me lots and lots. They took me camping where I made friends with some funny looking creatures, one of them even had horns!!! I was kept safe behind a fence but I liked to sit and watch them and I think my mum said they were goats?

Kyla Camping 2009


The first morning when I woke I was very cold, I had never been that cold before.

I think my mummies were quite worried about me but they soon warmed me up by wrapping me up in a big warm blanket and the next night they bought me a cosy woolly jumper that I loved!!

I see like myself you are a fan of ice-cream, digging and chewing sticks! Maybe we could meet up sometime and have a run around? My mummies take lots of pictures of me but theyíre not as clever as your mum with this web diary! I would love to keep in touch.

Wags and woofs Kyla.Ē


Kyla Camping 2009


What a nice girl to have for a sister, doesnít she look cute? It is a bit of a pity that she is about an hour away from me, but mum says it is not too much of a problem and we will go and see her soon, or she can come and see us. I think it is very important to keep in touch with family and so we will do our best. We will ask Annette too as I am sure she would like to see how her offspring are doing.


Friday October 2nd


I met a nice little Dandy Dinmont by the river this morning and we had a good romp around. Then we saw Amber on the way home, what a great walk.

I was really upset last night as my favourite toy, Boris the tennis player started to lose his insides. Good old mum, this morning she stitched him up for me and here he is. I am sitting on a new blanket that is for caravanning in the cold weather.


We did some gardening this morning, cutting back the buddleia and a couple of other bushes. I wasnít sure why mum had gloves on and so I kept taking them off and running away with them. After an hour she said, enough!

 Then we saw Brenda and Colin at number 6 doing some gardening so we went and said hello. Brenda had gloves on too, so I took both of them off and then she gave me a biscuit. I have to say Brendaís reaction was very different to mumís, she didnít give me a biscuit when I was running round the garden with her gloves.

Nigel the window cleaner came this afternoon. He is very clever, he kept popping up at all the windows, wherever I went he was there, even at the bedroom windows. Last time he came I hung on his shoelaces, but today I was shut in, so just had to run from room to room to keep an eye on him.


Saturday 3rd October

The weather has changed completely, gone are my sunny and warm days. Today is grey and windy and the leaves are dropping. I chased a few around on my morning walk, stopped a few times to chat with Ellie the long haired bearded collie, Bailey who is of unknown origins, a Bassett, a greyhound, a Jack Russell and a couple of Labradors.

The doors to the garden are closed because it is cold today, so I can no longer wander in and out as I choose. Might as well take up my favourite position in the conservatory and have a nap.

Things cheered up after lunch and normal service was resumed, the sun was out and the doors were opened. Just as well, as I had got a bit bored this morning and shredded mumís newspaper before sheíd read it.


Sunday 4th October

I was out for nearly two hours this morning because we stopped and chatted to so many people and their dogs. Then Helen and Ed came round and mum and Helen went off to London.

That left us two boys to have a chill out day doing what boys like to do. We went down the allotment and had a look around, we watched a bit of television because it was grand prix day and we played a few games. Mum had left us some food and I ate mine and then Ed shared his food with me, so a pretty good Sunday.



Monday 5th October

I have had a very traumatic day. This morning on our walk a spaniel took a dislike to me and set on me. The spanielís owner pulled him off but he really hurt me and I cried a lot. Mum took me to the vet and he said it was difficult to have a good look in my mouth because I made so much noise and wriggled a lot. So I have got an appointment for tomorrow to have X-rays. Iím not allowed any supper tonight or any breakfast in the morning, how will I survive a whole night with no food? Good job I had extra rations yesterday when Ed was round.

Mum bought me a new toy today to cheer me up. It is a grey and pink turkey. Iíll get her to do a picture of it.


Tuesday 6th October

I did not want to go out this morning because it was raining. I do not like getting wet and I cannot understand why it needs to rain. Mum says we need rain for the garden and to provide us all with water to drink but I think it is a nuisance and spoils a good day.

I did see two people with strange devices held over their heads. These things are called umbrellas and they stop you getting wet. Now, the problem that I can see with me getting one of those is that I need four paws to walk on, leaving none spare to carry this clever piece of equipment. I sat down, as is my normal habit when I need to study something that I have not seen before, but the ground was wet and it was not comfortable so I didnít stop for long. I really would like something that stops me getting wet but I think more research is needed to find just the right thing.


I got so wet today that I had to be rubbed down when we got home and then straight away we were off to the vet where I was left with the nurse. First job was to weigh me. Iím 9kg now.

I had my own bed to sleep in today, so I had a smell of home but I was not too keen on the prospect of these X-rays. Apparently they are pictures of the inside of my body, in this case, my mouth. How do they work I wonder, how can you see inside a body?

I still donít know the answer because I slept all the way through it. I had an anaesthetic so that I did not feel any pain. When I woke up I was pleased to see Helen and Ed who came to fetch me. The vet said I had lost some of my baby teeth which is OK, but I had also lost one of my grown up teeth and he had stitched up the hole in my gum.

Iíve got painkillers and antibiotics to take for the next few days to make sure I donít have any pain and the hole heals up OK. The stitches in my gum will dissolve, so if I am a model patient and do as I am told, taking my tablets on time and keeping clean, I wonít have to go back to the vet.

Mum says I have been very lucky and I have to learn that not every dog I meet is friendly. Thank goodness my good looks have not been spoiled, although my right cheek is a bit swollen at the moment. I feel a bit sorry for myself, but at least I got some supper tonight, in fact I grizzled until I got a second bowl full, so lifeís not all bad news.

Mum wants to go to bed now but I feel quite bright as I have had a lot of sleep today. We were up really early today and she has been to Luton to sort out the house that we are selling, then on to Dunstable to practice doing ghost walks and then she had a meeting with the other town guides, so I suppose I had better stop writing my diary and let her go. Night, night.


Wednesday 7th October

I had a reasonable night and Iím feeling perky this morning. Took my tablet and was pleased to see my breakfast. I did not care if it had the painkiller in it I was just so hungry.


This is me with my new toy. It is a pink and grey turkey and it is holding a silver star in itsí beak. You can see that I am feeling alright after the bad start to the week. I am on soft food for a few days so that I donít hurt my mouth, which means that I get just meat and fish. A boy canít argue with that for a diet.


Mum went to sort out the last details of the house we are selling. It was her mumís house and before that it was her granddadís house and she lived there too. The family have lived there for nearly one hundred years, imagine that! Well no, actually I canít imagine that, it is far too long to contemplate. It would be easier if you related it to dinners and as I get three dinners a day, I have one thousand dinners a year and one hundred times that is, oh goodness, Iíve run out of brainÖÖÖbut itís a lot of dinners.


This afternoon I just wanted to snuggle up and have a sleep, so I followed mum around and kept making little noises until she got the message and then we had a cuddle on the settee and I fell asleep.


This evening we watched the dog whisperer on television and then I fell asleep again on mumís lap. I think these painkillers are making me sleep more than normal but mum says itís good, because sleep helps you to get better.






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