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Week 25

Thursday 5th November

Really cold this morning so mum decided to wear her gloves on our morning walk. She bought them some years ago when she and Helen went to Iceland and they are thick wool with a nice pattern. I do not possess anything to keep my paws warm, so I did not think it fair that she should wear anything to keep hers warm. Throughout the walk I jumped up and down and tugged at the fingers to try and remove them, but mum was hanging on tight and although I bit her fingers once or twice, and she yelled a bit, she still didnít let go. However, she might not be so keen to wear them in the future as they have one or two holes in now.

Then mum went out and I was left on my own. I was howling before she got out of the house but she still went.

Helen and Raine came to visit me shortly afterwards. Raine is Edís sister and lives in San Francisco. The two girls talked about Helen and Edís new house so I had a sleep and after lunch they left me on my own and went to choose some lighting. I howled again to no avail, but then mum came home and it was all OK. Raineís visit was a surprise for her brother and we had all kept the secret for some weeks which was quite difficult, but Helen made us promise not to tell him.

There were fireworks going off bang all around us tonight and I barked at some of them, but mum was pleased with me because I was happy to go up the garden whilst it was quite noisy.


Friday 6th November

I now weigh nine and a half kilos and my coat had to be let out round the tummy!

This afternoon we went to the solicitors, walked round Stony Stratford and filled up with diesel. Loads of fireworks tonight and Iím not too keen on them when they are very close.


Saturday 7th

Mum went out this morning but was very quick. She just went to the greengrocerís stall at Stony Stratford. Nice sunny day so did a bit of weeding and chewed a few flower pots up so they fit more easily in the bin.

Sat and watched the man on the mower this afternoon on our walk.


Firework parties again tonight everywhere and I had just got on the lawn when a rocket went up from next door. It was very pretty, but very loud so after that one I scooted indoors a bit sharpish.


Sunday 8th

Bumped into Blue and Star the two pups this morning. Their dad said he was out early because he had to go to work even though it was Sunday. Mum said that I hadnít learned the difference yet between weekdays and weekends when most people like to stay in bed a little longer. Why would I want to stay in bed a little longer in the mornings when you can get out in the fresh air and sniff all those wonderful places that are on our walk. The time for sleep is after the long walk, breakfast and a play.


We went out with Ken and Val today to see if we could find a good caravan site near Cambridge. I sat on the back seat and had a good view through the middle, but after a while I slept.

Scrambled egg for tea followed by a little brioche pudding and yogurt.

Monday 9th

I got mum out of bed this morning at 3.00am because I needed to go up the garden. I expected to get up then, but mum said Ďback to bedí and although I barked and grizzled for a bit she left me in the dark until our normal 7.00am time.

Cleaner on, and all my debris cleared away and then Mum went off shopping, getting ready to feed loads of people this weekend.


Tuesday 10th

Godmother Gill came today with my pyjamas that have been extended to cope with my growing spurt. My body is 2 inches longer than it was when she started knitting it. It is a really good game when mum puts it on me, because I get my teeth through the knitting and she wonders why it wonít go over my head. Then we have a fight about putting my legs through the holes and then she says she is worn to a frazzle. I donít know why, Iím just getting warmed up.


Wednesday 11th

I was left on my own for an hour and a half this morning and it seemed like an eternity. I went absolutely berserk when they came home.  This afternoon they were obviously going out again and I made sure that I went too. No-one was getting out of the door before me.

We went to the pet shop and I got a new bed. We had lots of beds on the floor and I walked all over them, but the one I chose is very smart. It is a red tartan pattern with cream furry insides. It has quite stiff high sides and a padded cushion, and just fits in my cage.

New bed

When we got home Gill sat down, took off her shoes and put her feet up. What an opportunity to display how fast and agile I can be. I had both socks off in a trice. She was hopping around the house trying to chase me which was no contest at all. I wiped the warm soggy socks round her bare feet a few times as I ran past and then she gave up the chase and said I could keep them, something to do with holes in the toes that matched my teeth marks.


Week 26

Thursday 12th November 2009

This afternoon on our walk we popped into a bungalow around the corner and there were Helen and Ed. Wow, they did buy this house when they came to look at it a few weeks ago and now they are going to live here. Brilliant, we go past here regularly on our walks and I can stop by and see them. Ed is always good for a biscuit or a game.

I have taken up wall walking in the garden. When the grass is wet, and lately it always seems to be wet, I have found that if I keep to the wall I can just pop two feet on the grass and have a wee. This means two feet remain dry. A careful turn round and jump off the wall on to the patio and a couple of steps and I am back into the warm kitchen.

Photos wall walking

Friday 13th November

Bacon sandwiches galore were made at lunchtime and then mum took them round to the workers at the bungalow. Lots of friends and family are helping Helen and Ed to decorate their new home. Then I went round later because they wanted a radio and so we lent them one.

On our afternoon walk we popped in again to see what they were doing. Lots of rubbing down and painting going on. I stuck my nose in the magnolia emulsion but it didnít seem good to eat.

Nine for dinner tonight which was Shim Shim Chicken, a mild Thai type curry with nuts and very nice it was too. Mum was talking to Raine today about going to San Francisco for a visit. I also heard them discussing a trip to New Zealand next year. I am going to stay with Helen for part of it and Jennie for the other part. I think that sounds alright as I am on a promise of good walks on Sharpenhoe Clappers. Sometimes mum says that I go like the clappers when I am racing around, but I could not see how you could walk on them and run like them. If hills are called clappers do they run around like me? 


Saturday 14th November

It is my half birthday today. Several people wished me a great birthday on our early morning walk. Then a trip in the car to Bedford railway station and we dropped Raine off as she is going to see her family in Leicester whilst she is in England, and then I was promised a new birthday coat. We went to HorseATack as we did for the first one which is now a little short from head to tail. They did not have one in my new 18inch size so we ordered it. Mum thinks that I wonít grow much more, but I would like to be big enough to put my paws on her shoulders and speak to her face to face. At the moment I canít quite reach.

More bacon sandwiches sent round at lunch time, and then I walked round with Scott in the afternoon and we all had ginger biscuits.

13 came for dinner tonight and it was a bit hectic in our house. Everyone was talking to me and most of them were ready for a game. Six people ate in the conservatory and the rest in the dining room. There was a choice of spaghetti Bolognese or Tartiflette tonight, followed by loads of puddings. I liked everything that I could smell, but was not offered a morsel tonight.


Sunday 15th

This morning I was too tired to eat my breakfast which was Bolognese from last night. I just wanted to relax today, but no, it was another feeding of the 5,000 day.

We did not stop. Mobile lunch catering, the smell of the bacon sandwiches every day is just soo good. Just 9 to feed for lunch and 8 for dinner today.

Scott cleaned the conservatory roof this afternoon which was big job up a ladder with the pressure washer on. Mum was really pleased because she couldnít do it and neither could I.

Roast chicken with all the trimmings tonight which I did get to share. Mum threw out my breakfast to the birds tonight so I made sure that I ate it on my last walk up the garden.


Monday 16th

Straight after my walk today I was left all on my own when they went off to get a puncture mended in Gillís car. Now, after a weekend with a house full of people I was not happy about being on my own. I was still howling when mum returned about 15 minutes later.

Clearing up jobs today after the weekend, but the result was two good chicken dinners so there were compensations for putting up with the cleaner.

I was left again in the afternoon when they went out and I made a lot of noise this time too. On our afternoon walk we met Linda and Duke the Doberman from next door. Gill said that she had accepted an offer on her house and she would be looking for somewhere to live so that she could be near to us. She is a bit short of family and didnít want to be on her own and over 50 miles away, so she is moving a bit closer. I do understand that because I donít like being on my own at all. Linda suggested she looked at some new apartments in Wolverton.


Tuesday 17th

Mum and Gill went out this morning to look at the new apartments and when they got back all they talked about was how nice they were.

After lunch mum disappeared with Raine in the car but Gill stayed with me. When she took me for a walk I took her through the bushes where Iím not normally allowed to go, and later mum said that I had taken advantage of a learner.


Wednesday 18th November

What a strange day. The furniture was emptied out of the dining room into the lounge and the conservatory. What a lot of plates and glasses and dishes and things we have got, and all of them were moved out of the sideboards today. The curtains came down and a bit of touch up painting followed, which I was not allowed to touch.

What an exhausting day please do not disturb







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