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Week 70

Thursday 9th


Mum went off to do a talk on the Albanians at Dunstable today and a little later on Brian from next door came and took me to his house. When Steve arrived we all went for a nice long walk around Bancroft and saw several of my friends. We had some dinner and it was quite late when Brian took me home. Apparently mum had done another WWII talk tonight to another group.


Friday 10th

There is a lot of caravan packing going on today.


Saturday 11th

Just when I thought we were going caravanning mum disappears for the afternoon. She is off to Dunstable again for a meeting of the Town Guides, a lesson on the Priory buildings, and to practice her ghost walk.


Sunday 12th

This morning was caravan packing again, and when the car door opened and my bed was put on the back seat, I jumped in quickly to make sure that I did not get left behind. I sat there for a long while waiting patiently for mum to finish and get hitched on. It was all worth while because we left home with the caravan and we went to a sheep farm near Stratford on Avon.   

Our afternoon walk took us into Clifford Chambers village. We crossed the river Stour that runs by our field and passed the mill and walked along the village High Street.


Monday 13th

The sheepdog popped in to say hello today and ate my breakfast. He was just taking a break from moving some sheep from one field to another field.


Tuesday 14th

Wednesday 15th

We inspected the thatched barn today that is going to be used for supper on Saturday


Week 71 Thursday 16th

Today we went to Broadway and up to the tower for a walk. Wonderful views from here.


Friday 17th

After lunch we got in the car and we went home. We left the caravan on the field at Stratford, so what is going on?


Saturday 18th

I went to stay with Helen and Ed all day today. Neil and Kirsty are getting married today and mum has gone to the wedding. They invited 450 people and mum said the church was full to capacity and overflowing. She met lots of new people and had a good time, and so did I. Ed is putting in a new fence and so you can walk into the garden next door. They have two children and there is a sandpit. It is just great for digging!


Sunday 19th

We had our normal walk round Bancroft and then we got in the car and went back to the caravan. What a relief.

This afternoon we bumped into Alfie on our walk and we had a race around and then got a biscuit. Alfie comes from Tibet where there are lots of mountains. He has got something wrong with his knees, so he has to run about to strengthen them.

 We went on our walk with Terry and Wendy so we took them to the village and showed them all the lovely cottages.

Tuesday 21st

We moved the caravan to a different spot on the field today. It was very strange, the awning was still on the side of the caravan and people held it while mum towed the caravan across the field. There is a better view of the sheep from the new spot, so I keep an eye on them.

Wednesday 22nd

We parked the car at Stratford on Avonís Greenway car park and walked along the river past the theatre into town. We saw the statue of William Shakespeare. He wrote a lot of plays but he didnít have a blog like me.

 We did some shopping, I think we walked every street in Stratford, and then we sat by the river and had a picnic and then we walked back to the car. There was tea at the rally this afternoon and I curled up and slept on the grass I was so tired.

Week 72 Thursday 24th

 Our day in today , so I sat and watched the sheep for a long time. They do nothing but eat grass all day. When I walk through their field they watch me all the time.

Saturday 26th

It was a beautiful day today, the sun was shining, woody woodpecker was making a screeching noise in the next field. There was a buzzard being chased by some crows and everything in my world was just right, and thenÖÖÖthe awning came down. Now you do not have to be masterdog of the year to know that if the awning is being packed away in the bag, we are going home.

Sunday 27th

We left about 10.00am having enjoyed my last walk by the river and said goodbye to the sheep and Misty next door.  Nice to be home, but I hope itís not too long before we go again.


Thursday 1st \October Week 73

Boys night in tonight so Ed and I could chill out on the settee while the girls all went to the theatre.


Sunday 4th

Mum and I did some gardening today. She threw all of my toys off the grass on to the patio so that she could cut the lawn. Usually if she throws things it is a game and I bring them back and she throws them again. Apparently I was not supposed to keep bringing them back on the lawn today. I was carefully placing them in front of the mower so she didnít have to walk too far to reach them, but I think it was a different game today and I didnít quite understand the rules.

So then we planted some plants in the border. Why is it alright for mum to dig holes in the borders? She tells me off when I dig holes.

 I did help her with the planting, I took the empty plant pots away and chewed them up so they were easier to put into the rubbish bin, because they were all in little tiny pieces.


Monday 5th

I spent all day with Helen while mum was off doing her WWII thing. I had a shower today which often happens when I come round here. I donít like the shampoo bit, but I enjoy the hairdryer. There is something about the hot air blowing your ears that I just love.


Tuesday 6th

Wow, what a super day I have had today. Off we went in the car this morning and never in a million years could I have guessed where we were going. We went to see where I was born, and I saw my birth mother. I have to say she was not as pleased to see me as I thought she would be. I also met one of my stepbrothers who was born this year. His name is Oscar. He is a year younger than me and you can see he is about the same size as me. His colouring is the same, but his coat is very different. Mum said we have the same nice temperament. My mum and Oscarís mum and Annette talked about us all for hours. What we were good at, the naughty things we did, what we ate, how intelligent we are Ė that was nice to hear. Apparently I am more intelligent than her Labradors were, and already I know as many words as they did after many years.

When I want to see things I stand on my back legs in what mum calls meerkat mode. I can walk backwards on my hind legs and when mum told Annette this, she said that I should get a job in television.


I have heard people complaining about having to go to work every day, and some days when Ed comes home from work he is very tired, so is a job a good thing or a bad thing? Iím not sure. Annette spoke as if it was a great thing to do, exciting and fun, and perhaps occasionally it might be alright, but people who have jobs have to go to them nearly every day and Iím not sure that I want to do that. How would I make the time to fit a job in between our walks and my naps and what about going caravanning? Oh dear, I donít think it sounds too good an idea. Hopefully mum will forget about it.









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