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Week 23   

Thursday 22nd October

Gill let me out early this morning and then we all went to see Anita who lives in Lincoln. I had the whole of the back seat to myself, strapped in of course but with plenty of room to move around and my lovely furry blanket to sleep on.

Anita has a lovely garden and this is me running round in circles with my ears flapping. After lunch we walked to the cathedral and looked in some shop windows and again we were stopped by two people who wanted to talk to me. Everyone thinks that I am a special breed, which of course I am, but no one yet has got it right, mum always has to tell them.

Fast cornering






    2 Ears on top of head give more speed      1 ear up and 1 down for faster cornering      eating the birdsí bread


Friday 23rd October

I was left in the playpen this morning whilst mum and Gill went out for supplies. I was not very happy about it, so with some considerable effort I jumped out and took up my normal nap position on the lounge settee. I thought this was a much more comfortable place to spend the morning, and altogether more agreeable than the cage in the kitchen. When mum and Gill came home they wondered where I was and looked all over the house.  Then they found me!

Pat came to dinner tonight and we all had bobotie with turmeric rice, it was lovely and I ate a big bowl full. It is a South African dish which has minced meat and spices in it and egg on the top so it looks like a shepherdís pie.


Saturday 24th October

Mum was really busy yesterday afternoon and all day today installing a wire free system on Gillís computer because somebody had damaged the telephone line on Friday and then it would not work. The fact that I had the wire in my mouth at the time it stopped working I felt was not sufficient evidence for me to get the blame, but that is what happened, so I tried my best to help mum when she was crawling all round the floor because I did not want my pocket money stopped and it was definitely under threat.

Mick and Janet came round for drinks tonight and I was the star attraction, so I showed off just a little bit.


Sunday 25th October

I was up at my usual time this morning, except that it was only 6.00am because the clocks moved last night. Well, somebody needs to explain these things to me if I am expected to fall in with a new regime. What does clock moving mean and why do we do it? I personally donít think it is a good idea because I had to wait longer to get my dinner today; can someone tell me why that was?

We came home today, and I raced round and round the garden and the house. Mum calls it my silly five minutes, but sometimes it lasts a lot longer than that. My ears flap and I skid round the corners, sometimes I fall over on the bends because the floor is slippery, but it is huge fun.

This evening I stretched out on the settee, watched a bit of TV and had a well earned rest.


Monday 26th October

We met a seven year old retriever on our walk today. He was a bit overweight so I ran round the park in circles and he chased me which I thought would be good for him. Eventually he gave up, so I think I won the game.

We turned out a pile of bedding today so I was able to try out different methods of making a bed for myself. There were pillows and duvets and sheets and things all over the bedrooms and the landing by the time I had sorted out the best spot and the thickest duvet. It seems a shame to give it all away when we could carpet the entire floor with it, and then everywhere would become a comfortable spot to sleep. Could I market that idea, duvets for carpets?


Tuesday 27th October

Mum had an email from a lady called Susan who is going to have a puppy like me from the litter next year. She would like to meet me but they live in Wales. I have never been to Wales and so I got hold of mumís new map book just to see where it was. Unfortunately I pulled it a bit hard to get it on to the floor and the top corners of several pages parted company from the rest of the book and stuck to the inside of my mouth. Now the page numbers are missing it makes it difficult to find where you are looking for, but I think it must have been poor quality to fall apart when it was new.


After the finger wagging stopped and the threats of pocket money reduction I got a history lesson about Wales. There was a brave dog called Gelert who was killed by his master for protecting a baby, but the master did not believe that Gelert had done a good job until later, and then he was really sorry for what he had done. Obviously babysitting can be a dangerous occupation if you have to fight off wolves, so I will choose another profession.


Then there was something about a family castle on the Welsh border being burned down. I think it all happened a thousand years ago so mum must be quite old to remember it. When people lived in castles they rode into battle on horses and they had to wear heavy chainmail and armour to keep them safe, just like I wear a seat belt in the car. No wonder those horses we met last week had big sad eyes, so would I if I had to carry all that weight on my back.


I was so busy this evening in the lounge and then after all the work was done I retired to my favourite spot and did not wish to be disturbed, itís been a long day.


Wednesday 28th October

Met Ellie, Tess, Bessie and Bailey all together this morning on our walk and got extra biscuits.

When we got home my paws were wet and mum got a towel and dried them. Itís quite a good game and can last several minutes while we play tug. Bugle my predecessor used to pick up his paws one at a time to be dried, but I cannot aspire to that yet, I just do not have the time.

More turning out today, the contents of the airing cupboard were sorted out and then we offered things on Freecycle, so we had people coming to the house to pick them up. Mum says we have far too much stuff in our house, we do not use a lot of it, and so we must give some away.  Helen and Ed are moving round the corner from us in a couple of weeks time so they may like a few things, but the rest has got to go. I quite enjoy turning cupboards out, I get to play with new things, and I learn something every day.


I have been thinking about living in a castle. If it is a really big castle with lots and lots of rooms it would be great to run around and play, but how would you find your dinner, and mum?




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