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Wedding of Mortimer & Crowther 2005

Where did it all begin?

Well most of you know the place, The White Hart at Grafton Regis.

The Year, well it was 1995. Seems so long ago when you actually type it, but in reality we are still getting to know each other. I can't really say it was love at first sight because we got to know each other over the telephone, for the first few months all we did was call each other, work related at first.

Then came the hard bit, actually meeting each other, now most of you would think that was easy after months of talking, but you know how shy we both are, well I was then. We behaved like silly school children, I wouldn't get out of the vehicle I was in and Ed wouldn't come out of the pub to meet me, so we peered at each other round doors, how it ever advanced to this stage, we will never know.

I finally plucked up the courage to go into the pub one night and actually met Ed, and now nearly ten years later we are finally getting around to the wedding. Which will suprise some people, but most of you will say about time and how patient Ed has been.