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Wedding of Mortimer & Crowther 2005

Photo Gallery


Flower arrangements, beautifully done by my sister in-law Lin

Walking in..

Who else,but me....

Us signing the register

Ed and I

My mother and grandmother

Mother, Les and Myself

Carla and Scott looking so smart

Group Hug....

Jen, Paul and myself

Roger, Neil & myself

Lynn, Mick - thanks to Lynn for doing the photographs

Big Bruv, Lin and of course me.

Raine (Ed's sis) and Chris

Do I need to label the obvious

Sofia, Magda and Us

Some of the girlies

The family

Tel & Linsey, us, Carla & Scott

Me and all my boys..

Chris, Raine, Ed, Aunt Mary and Ed's Mum

Table Decs.

Sa (Big Sis) and Jo

My Boys (Don't they look Smart)

Looking so cool

Cutting the cake time, see we did a few formalities

Cakes, Left one decorated by Ed, Middle - made by Dorothy, right baked by Mother

The Dance, well shuffle more like

Ed and his mum

Believe it or not me trying to do New York

Who said what?

Yes we had bubbles

And more bubble, Derek and Dave were experts.....

Some people look good in the morning !!!!! not

Some people look worse... Now that is what I call a hangover

Some people are just not polite.

Morning sunshine is not good for people

The ones who would not go home...

Ouch the sunshine

Says it all really...