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Wedding of Mortimer & Crowther 2005

So who proposed ?

About 6 years ago Ed proposed to me, but I wasn't ready for that final commitment stage, so running scared I put him off.

Again he tried, this time about 4 years ago, and again 6 months after that. Ed finally gave up asking me as he was sure that I would never commit to him totally. The way I saw it was that we had both been married and were really happy just living together so why spoil it.

The family thought that I was cruel and that Ed needed the stability of marriage, I on the other hand was even more determine not to.

So how come we are all getting ready for the marriage that was never, ever going to happen.

Well, something happened don't ask me what it was, but we were lying down watching television, now bear with me, I'm trying to set this really romantic scene here. Each of us stretched out on our own settee and during the Ad's when I can guarantee a response, I asked him! What you all exclaim "Was that it". Yep, afraid so, just over a year ago now, I asked Ed to marry me, his first response was OK, then a few minutes later he asked me what I had said.... Typical, men never really listen to us.

But, Ed had agreed and there it is, I know it's not the most memorable or romantic proposal, but it's ours.