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Stephen J D Williams


Chasing Steeples: The Origin of the Grand National

A detective story pushes the first Grand National Steeple Chase earlier than otherwise told.

The Origin of the Three Choirs Festival (Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester)

Pushing the story of one of the oldest music festivals in the world back beyond 1715 to its earliest days.

Edmund Wingate the Celebrated Mathematician

The story of the slide rule is told engagingly from its inception to its use on the Moon.

Penicillin needed Luton

The story of penicillin as it was trialled in World War II.

Vincent van Gogh in England

The Netherlands, yes; France of course - but England? An affectionate genuine look at a popular artist.

The Origin of the Jack in the Box ~ Holy John Schorne

We travel back in time from an American fast food outlet, via a childhood toy, to the 1200s ~ with surprising results.

Running a Dot.Com Business in the Middle Ages.

The Dunstable Annals: an 800 year old equivalent of the Internet is dusted down and opened to reveal some great intelligent people and purposes.

Ernest Hawkins, Curate in Bedfordshire, Apostle to the World

200 years after he died, Charles and Diana made this man famous; but we also discover how much churches world wide are indebted to him too.

The Bishop in the Bathtub ~ Michael Furse, Bishop of St Albans 1920-1924

Where are our eccentric bishops now?


Herod the Great was Great

He wasn’t called ‘great’ for nothing. A little bit of rehabilitation for the man we have been taught to hate.

All the Herods of the Bible

Recent archaeological discoveries bring a great dynasty back to life.

Desmond Tutu Dances Off Stage.

The Official Retirement of an International Figure provides a focus to examine this charismatic & significant prophet.

Keep on Taking the Tablets or Jeremiah’s Squeaky Eunuch Delivers the Gold

A sudden recent discovery earths the likely truth of the Book of Jeremiah. The Bible comes to life like you’ve never seen it before.