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Stephen J D Williams

What the critics said, Worcester  July 2014

"I've been coming to the Three Choirs for so long that I didn't think there was anything new to learn about it– how wrong could I have been!"

 "Very scholarly and well researched, and having the slides was a great asset“

“Such rigor of research: Sir Ivor would have been proud of it”

 “Well presented and delivered”

“I hope you continue to get due acclaim for your lecture – it really was superb” ~ AMB

“It flowed beautifully” ~ HMWS

 "Most interesting and stimulating"

“You had put in an enormous amount of work to make it all so interesting”

“...the extent of the research you have done far and wide is really impressive” ~ JP

“...the audience all really enjoyed the humorous touches” ~ JP

“... loved the before and after pictures” ~ JP

“You’ve nailed it”.

“I wanted to run out half way through and tell everybody what they were missing” ~ M

“The best lecture I have heard for a long time”

“I admired and enjoyed your well-argued approach... hope we may see it all in print one day ” ~ Kevin Allen, Elgar writer.

“A wonderful balance of scholarship and humour”

“...combination of research, erudition, wit - & above all a love of the subject - made for a great [talk]” ~ LRW

“I loved the interaction with your accomplices – I am going to try something similar in my lectures across the Atlantic” ~ Composer Stephanie Martin

“The dry humour was the icing on the cake” ~ DM

“Missed his vocation – should have been an alternative stand-up artist” ~ SB